Never tell your Russian lady that you have come and chosen several women for meeting. In fact you have chosen only her and have covered thousands of kilometers only for her sake.
Never gift the even number of flowers. Only odd number. (It is a tradition in Ukraine and Russia to give the even number of flowers at funerals.)
Do not present your Russian bride the usual foods (milk, cheese, biscuits, canned goods etc. you should understand that people here do not die of starving.) It is better to give exotic fruit, chocolate sweets or the pleasant present.
Do not deliver 1, 3, or 5 cheap flowers (carnations for instance). If you decided to present inexpensive flowers then give the large bouquets.
You may gift one expensive flower (for example a big beautiful rose) at the personal meeting and compare the beauty of the flower with that of the lady. “I wanted to show with this rose how beautiful you are”. If you send the present of one rose by delivering service the lady must think you are stingy. The best variant of the delivery will be 7-9 roses or more.
Do not try to tell American anecdotes to the Russian women, as most of them do not understand them because of the mentality difference. You would better tell her the funny story from your life.
If e-mailing is expensive for you do not write to the lady that you write her rarely because it is expensive – refer to the business or other reason, otherwise the lady will think that you are not rich enough to support her materially when she comes to your country and will not be able to work at first time because of not knowing English.
In former USSR it is habitual to let the lady go ahead at the entrance of a kind of premises and give a hand at the exit of the taxi or public transport.
If the lady is serious about you and wants to marry you in future she will introduce you to her parents.