Dating Russian Women - ABC guide

When I first embarked upon my quest to marry a Russian woman in 1992 there were no guide-lines to follow. Hundreds of men had traveled the same path that lay before me, but didn't document the process for those who may wish to follow. Thus, the intent of this web site is to provide helpful direction for any man seriously considering marriage to a Russian woman (testimonials). And, provide information on needed services provided by companies currently involved in the Russian Marriage Industry. There are numerous other Internet sites providing valuable information for pursuing marriage with Russian women. I strongly encourage you to visit other sites to obtain a different perspective on the process. In comparison, I think you will find Dating Russian Women offers a direct no-frills approach designed to save you time and money. I pursued marriage with and married a Russian woman during 1992. Unfortunately my turbulent marriage with Natasha ended in divorce five years latter. Wiser from the experience and unwilling to accept defect, I again pursued marriage with Russian women during the 1997 - 2001 time period. My 1998 journey took me to Kiev, Ukraine where I stayed in one of these Kiev flats. Love was in the air, but logic ruled the day and I returned unengaged. Still determined to marry a feminine Russian wife, I traveled by train through Ukraine in 1999 and visited Saint Petersburg during White Nights in 2000. The journeys were wonderful visiting different cities and meeting beautiful Russian women, but a serious commitment of marriage was not forthcoming. It is often said the best lessons in life are the hardest to learn. Thus, I openly share with you painful lessons learned and knowledge gained through pursuing marriage with Russian women since 1992. Throughout this web site when the word Russian is used it refers to the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia, Ukraine, etc.). Also, when I refer to America, I am referring to my home country. Simply substitute your home country and the topic will apply. The only topic specific to America is "Bringing your fiancee to America", because fiancee visa law is specific to a country. The following information is presented in a step-by-step or ABC manner. Therefore, if you are already involved in the process, you can quickly reference your current standing in the step-by-step process and quickly obtain needed information. Conversely, if this web site represents your first blush of pondering marriage with a Russian woman, I recommend starting with the first topic. Contemplating marriage What will it cost?

  • Correspondence - why letters
  • Correspondence - obtaining addresses
  • Correspondence - how many letters
  • Correspondence - letter content
  • Correspondence - letter delivery
  • Correspondence - letter mechanics
  • Deciding whom to meet in Russia
  • Travel arrangements to Russia
  • Packing for your Russian adventure
  • Customs and courtship in Russia
  • Bringing your fiancee to America